Step up Tribute 1:10

Hard to find Tribute 1:10 step up trannies nicely put together By Pete (Coco (wires)) and Tim (Spider corian and copper case)

Sounds fab and selling now cos my rather lovely replacement arrived this morning after 2 year artisan made project (more of which on the shiny new things thread soon)

£500 or swap for records, thick gunmetal platter Matt tenuto type, reel to reel tapes or 10 10y globe valves


Thats tempting although a lower ratio than my Bob Devices 1131 Cinemag 20/40:1 SUT. Are the tributes transformers copper or silver ones.

yep this is 10:1 Copper so although very versatile but won’t suit everyone - its a nice thing and easy to tuck out of the way or pretty enough to have on show, plenty of weight in the corian / copper top and bottom, so the plugs are easy to connect

feel free to make me an offer if you fancy a dabble, you can always resell it as in its previous case it has been owned by a couple of folks on here so plenty that will recommend it


Cheers Darren, I will have to pass even though this is likely to be better than my already excellent Cinemag. Sadly a bit overspent on kit recently but someone is in for a treat by the looks.

no worries and thanks for the enquiry

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