Stir fries

I used to do stir fries quite regularly until my wife went off them during pregnancy with our second kid.

So, it’s been a while, I can’t really remember what I used to do other than beef broccoli and black bean and a Thai one that’s even foggier, anyone got any good recipes they’d recommend?

I went to dig out a Pad Thai recipe I’d tried online to be met with this bummer. It serves as further proof all the things I like are all bad for me.


Hmmm I’ve never made Pad Thai before but I love it…good call

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Does shaoxing rice wine (unsalted stuff) last forever at room temp once opened?

If it smells ok and no mold it should be fine.

Will taste deteriorate?

Possibly, a bit, but it should still taste sufficiently to produce a decent dish, unless you are Heston Blumenthal it is unlikely to matter :grinning:

Try tasting it before you start. If it tastes strong then there you are. If you can barely taste it toddle off to Sainsbury’s. Or you can just add more to the dish to make up for the slight reduction in potency. We would usually use it up and not throw it away. If you taste it when it’s cooked and it lacks flavour you can always add something else. I wouldn’t over think it.

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It’ll still taste much better than a ready meal!

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I’m doing one tonight.
Only started a couple of months ago as it’s so quick.
Just using ready made noodles, sweet and sour stir fry veg, chorizo, pre cooked chicken,mushrooms, dark soy sauce and sweet chilli source.

It tastes pretty good, but need to try different recipes


Stir fry with chorizo! That’s meatmen

For a brief moment old feelings flickered but I took a deep breath and they went away.


I made this last weekend, the beef (sirloin I think it was) turned out beautifully - a really deep sear but perfectly tender.

Made this last night. Accidentally bought Zha Cai instead of Ya Cai but read somewhere else that they were fine to substitute. Was nice.

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