Storing vinyl in a loft space (or not!)

I’m considering storing some of my tattier, less played vinyl in our loft, probably in sealed boxes like these…

Anyone done similar? Conscious that it probably isn’t the best environment, and reading online sounds like sealing records in a container without airflow is also a bad idea, assume risk of condensation.

I will keep the best stuff downstairs, just trying to free up room to house space hungry children.

Exposing records to extremes (Tightly packed or too loosely packed, temperature swings etc.) Can lead to: Warp / buckle / Mildew / out gassing etc (Particularly if in PVC sleeves or old inner sleeves plastic lined) As a long term thing the loft is really not great


Thanks @Ruprecht, think i may be better just shedding a bit of my collection, plenty of Level 42 fans around here I’m sure

If you don’t play it, then sell it.


This ^^^

Digitise, back up, get rid.

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Unless you wish to be an archivist, perhaps if you don’t love and listen to a portion of your records, they are clutter.

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But . . . but . . .


enough said, who needs to be that cold