Strange word suggestion bar behaviour. Ancient Android tablet


Ok, I can mostly spell, but I find the word suggestion bar helpful even if it’s just to speed up my tragically slow typing.

So, normally when I’m typing a reply, I have a bar above the keyboard that brings up a list of words as I’m typing. Also I have fat fingers so it helps with that shit too.

Tonight, this bar has disappeared when I’m typing a reply, but, as I created this topic and typed the title in the title box, it re-appeared, but then when I started to type in the main text box, it disappeared again.

Logged out and logged back in, been through every setting I can find, but it’s either incredibly well hidden or I’m more stupid than I previously thought.

This is the only site it’s misbehaving on.



1-3 it’s your error

7-4 it’s a device issue

20-1 bar

@unclepuncle will update you on future odds


Moar codeine required.


Alcohol induced, without doubt.


I reckon you’re dead on there, but it’s weird that it’s only this site, if I’d screwed up a device setting, it would be on every forum, not just this one.


Did you not read my earlier post? I’ve run out of alcohol. Well, alcohol I like to drink anyway. There’s shitloads of Baileys left.


The AA moves in mysterious ways

Kill yourself now, it’s really not worth it


Definately, considering it works exclusively in the title box when creating a topic, but not in the main text box either creating a topic, or replying to one. Really odd.


Baileys is your friend :grinning:


No, it’s Satan’s vomit.

No redeeming features whatsoever.


Now, this is odd too, I’m now posting from my phone rather than my tablet and the bar thingy is still working on that.


You need to change your tablet(s)


You might well be right, on both counts


Any sensible suggestions from grown ups?


There are other forums? :open_mouth::open_mouth:


Grown ups on here, you really do need to change your tablet(s).


Turn it off and back on again, duh.


You’re aving a bobble hat n scarf mate…


Good suggestion for this weather we’re having.


only when its an iced coffee faff