Stratford-upon-Avon recommendations

Myself and Mrs Lovebucket plus 2 late teens are staying in Stratford-upon-Avon for a couple of nights early next week. We hope to spend a day in the Cotswolds, any places to recommend?

Also looking at spending a few hours in Warwick/Leamington spa on the way there, anywhere to go to or avoid?

I don’t know this part of the country at all.

Any tips appreciated. :+1:

I’ve burned a hell of a lot of time in Stow on the Wold and Moreton in Marsh.

Also Chipping Norton, if you can stand the smell of David Cameron.

Also Tetbury.

They’re all basically the same place. Antique shops, gastro pubs and artisanal cheese (or whatever) places.

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If I had to pick one out of the lot, it would be Stow.

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Cheers. I have no expectations really other than ‘Chocalate Box’ villages, mass tourism and massive wealth.

Apart from the castle, despite being very pleasant they aren’t actually very touristy. Which is great living there having studerped a couple of stops down on the crosscountry train. To which

The idiot meatmen who live there. Possibly.

If you do want to do a castle, Kenilworth might be better. And depending on the particular views of the teens the British Motor Museum at Gaydon may be worth a look.

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The RSC at Stratford is always worth a visit, just to walk/have a coffee on the riverside. There is a rooftop restaurant with great views of the town as an option for lunch. Sheep Street has the best restaurants for posh food (Loxleys), or if you want artisan fancy bakery style coffee/lunch go to MOR in Bell Court. Follow up with ice cream from Hoorays on High Street and you’ll be ready for a nap. Make sure you walk along Henley Street, just so you can say you’ve been to Shakespeare’s birthplace. SJ Records is on Henley Street too, above the antiques centre.

Another nice spot for a drink/lunch/dinner is The Boathouse, which believe it or not sits right on the river, great spot and food.

Outside of Stratford, Warwick Castle is a good shout.

Leamington for shopping if needed, teens and yourself may enjoy ‘The Neighbourhood’ which has a cafe, food stalls and Seismic Records on the upper floor.

Probably my favourite place is Compton Verney, stunning grounds/gallery/lake for fresh air and views.


Although we recently stayed a night in Cirencester, “the capital of the Cotswolds”, which is basically the same as all the others, but bigger. The area around the abbey was nice.

This is a very good shout. And if you like that sort of thing - a bit further afield, in Worcestershire (where I’m from, so I’m more familiar with it)

Witley Court

The local carpet baron had a pissed up orgy and accidentally burned the place to the ground

Croome Court

Capability Brown’s first commission I think. It fell into serious disrepair - the Hare Krishnas were in it when I was a kid. Being put back together. The parklands are lovely.


The wifes cousin owned Croome Court for a few years , then they sold it to the National Trust…Try broadway , stow , also bourton on the water.
if you have green fingers …Hidcote Gardens.

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Thanks for the tips all, Leamington and Warwick ticked off on the way down.

Currently enjoying a gourmet meal in the Stratford Wetherspoons…


I’m holed up in Redditch next three days.

Not so far away. At least the hotel has a decent spa.
Not sure I’ll have time for any tourism.


Shame you have no spare time steve…, im only up the road , welcome to some tunes but daytime only im afraid,
enjoy the delights that redditch can offer.

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I’m working all day (literally all day) on some training and holed up at some conference type hotel the next two nights.
Given the fact there are two of us and we have a generous evening food budget there I can’t see myself wandering.
Daytime is out but thanks. It will be sauna and hotel wine bar sadness of an evening.

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No probs steve ,…enjoy both courses .