Streaming service help for a luddite!

I’ve just discovered :woman_facepalming: I have two seperate paid for Google accounts I use for streaming, watching shit on YouTube etc. One is a YouTube Music account, and the other is YouTube premium, which as far as I can tell also includes YouTube Music. :man_shrugging:I’m planning on cancelling at least one of them but was wondering after seeing a recent offer for Qubuz dual account (which I could share with wor kid) if anyone has experience of Qubuz. I’m not that interested in ultimate hi-rez quality from a streaming service, but brother will be.
Any thoughts to help/hinder my decisions?


I’ve used Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify . Ditched Tidal (too expensive and sounds just plain wrong to my ears) and kept the others.

Qobuz is good value and sounds terrific, BUT it doesn’t have a catalogue as good as Spotify.
Well worth a look though. It’s my go-to for streaming.

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I had access to Qobuz and TIDAL via Roon. I had a preference for the TIDAL app on my phone so ditched Qibuz eventually, but TBH I couldn’t really tell the two apart leaving aside all MQA considerations. I would be happy to use either service but can’t be arsed to shift my collection from TIDAL.

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I moved from Spotify premium to Tidal to Qobuz.

Happy with Qobuz, occasinonally it doesn’t have what I am looking for,
If Spotify ever get their act together and provide a proper lossless service I would go back


Yes, Spotify are dragging their heels more than a bit.
They promised their CD-quality tier by the end of 2021.

I quite liked Deezer when i tried it, spotify have the best GUI.

I’m used to the Google Play Music/YouTube music interface, and have loads of stuff stored in playlists etc. so for me it’s more of a convenience than SQ thing. Tbh I’m happy with how it sounds through Chromecast Music jobbies into main system or pc speakers in the kitchen. My undersatanding is that Google Music/YT based SQ isn’t massively hi-rez anyway, and tbh I’m not fussed. It’s just an easy way to shout at a puck thing in the kitchen and have it play music while I’m cooking up potions etc! :mage:

I use Spotify Premium mostly for casual listening (which is pretty much all the time right now) as it works great, spotify connect is excellent and I can share playlists with other people (and they know how to use it).
We use it in the car a lot too.

If Qubuz is gonna offer a comparable library and better sq for less money than I’m currently spending then :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

Appreciate all your responses folks, but can we keep this to how much of a cunt Qubuz is in comparison to my existing YouTube subscriptions. I’ve got all the others as freebies, and tbh am not intersested in how well Spotify et al floats yer boat! :no_good_woman:

Have never used YT as a music source so can’t help you.
But if you are not interested in streaming quality I wouldn’t bother with Qobuz as that is its main selling point, just go for the cheapest / most convenient for you

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Tidal – can go fuck itself because of MQA.

Qobuz – sounds great with good enough library for most people

Spotify – good enough sound and library for everyone and you could wait for Spotify HD :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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The other advantage of Qobuz is that it actually pays much more to artists than most other services. YouTube pays the least.

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It’s also not run by a massive bellend in the form of Daniel Ek

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The only thing to consider with Qobuz is their catalog.
Depending on your music preference, some titles might not be available.
I have Qobuz, Tidal and Spotify, and for the rare occasions I can not find anything on Qobuz, I can fall back on Tidal.

With new album releases, you can set a filter by genre, which I find helpful with unknown artists to me.
It prevents listening to dozens of albums I never liked anyway, if I wanted to know e.g. which new jazz releases are out now.
Qobuz (and Tidal) are supported on Roon, if that matters to you.

I suggest you shoud try (for free) first and see whether other things like user interface etc. suit your taste.
I like Qobuz anyway, hope this helps.

I also have Youtube Premium, along with AmazonHD, but I use Youtube much more. Hi res is only 256 AAC but when you’re a Premium subscriber you don’t get adverts when using normal Youtube which means watching interviews and music docs and no adverts is well worth it.

Yes Qobuz (which I tried out) and Amazon do sound better but that huge video content, especially live performances, on youtube is worth it which is I why I kept the subscription even after adding Amazon.

I wasn’t on Qobuz long due to the catalogue not being too good for my tastes in music and the UI was a bit naff. I do sometimes think of swapping Amazon for it but I will always keep the Youtube Premium subscription.


Qobuz wasn’t great for my music tastes either.

Spotify has a much better catalogue and as streaming is my 3rd choice of source SQ is fine.

YouTube is far and away the best for live music / concerts.

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Out and out quality it’s Qobuz.
Out and out catalogue it’s Spotify,
although I find everything I need on Qobuz.
One or two tracks I have on USB stick in the router - sounds surprising good .

Sometimes Qobuz is a bit slower to get some tracks or full albums.
Sometimes neither have them, or miss the same tracks permanently!
I find I can’t listen to Spotify for long on my hifi. It’s just missing res.

I’m tied to Spotify for voice controlled music on the Sonos and Alexa devices we have.

Qobuz works on Sonos - and yes there is a perceivable quality difference, but you have to use the Sonos app to serve up the music.

We have Spotify family and there would be real resistance from other family members to cancelling and forcing Qobuz family on them.
So for now we have both.

Not holding my breath for Spotify CD quality.


Ended up with QoBuz - good quality and has decent catalogue. When things are missing I use Spotify. The one thing that irks me is the Classical catalogue - hard to find specific things - my Dad had a brilliant classical streaming service but I believe it was sold to Apple Music and doesn’t seem to have resurfaced.

Ah I’ve found it not apparently sold either - might give it a try