Streaming service

I want to move to online Flac streaming.
Any one use Deezer? What is the library like? Like it to have good classical, jazz, then the rest.

Deezer is OK. I keep getting emails offering me 3 months for 99p. I used it for a short while but the library was inferior to TIDAL and Spotify for the kind of things I listen to (anything but folk and opera really). The interface was really clunky too. I use TIDAL now because of the Roon tie up. Bung me a PM with your email address Gregg and I will forward a voucher to you if I haven’t deleted them all (or if they haven’t expired).

Isn’t Quboz meant to best for classical - they always have free trial offers.

Thanks. I have a Roon voucher, if it hasn’t expired. Maybe I will try the Tidal/Roon package.

From what I’ve read Qobuz is much better for classical that Tidal, I prefer qobuz but as I’m using Roon now I’ve no choice but to go with Tidal.

I want to move to qobuz for the classical but I keep forgetting, and I’m worried about annoying the family again with another change

Definitely Qobuz for those genres.

But I’d be surprised if you couldn’t get a month’s free trial on all of them.

I use both; Quobuz for classical definitely plus the annual ‘sublime’ subscription gives great discounts on hi Rez downloads if that interests you.

Thank you Olan,

it’s timely with the Moon Mind that I enquire whether you have a spare ticket, please?


PM your email address to me please.