Stuff your other half does that annoys you

I’ve been with my missus for the best part of 23 years. Naturally there are a myriad little things she does that annoys the balls off me.

Tonight’s a classic. When she sits down to watch something on the telly the volume will be too quiet. Unlike a normal person who would just turn it up to the right volume, she will do it over a series of excruciatingly small increments over the space of about 10 minutes.

Why? No idea.

Drives me mad.


Moves the chair in the hallway so it’s at a 45/135 degree angle to the wall behind.

I move it back square to the wall.

And so it goes on.

Round and round.

Back and forth.


Written evidence there lads. Very, very brave.


Cupboards stuffed so full when you open them it all falls out except for what you are hunting.




Dying.* In reply to @A_Touch_of_Cloth.

Leanne does LOTS of things which make me want to dig a DEEP hole and jump into it. I’ll remember one of them later.

Oh fuck, Claire has done that too.

Wewlad. What the fuck’s happening there?

It’s a slippery slope. Next stage is those fake battery powered candles.


Fills cupboards, very neatly I might add, so that in order to access the thing I need I have to remove 20 other items to get to it. They are so full that if you don’t put the 21 items back in exactly the same place they will not fit.

That’s the one for today.

We have a liberal scattering of said fake candles, but as yet no strings of brothel lighting adorn the bedroom.

Red lights shaped as hearts ‘draped’ over the headboard.


I’m gonna sell them to @Wayward for his next camping trip.

He’ll be all over these.

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Ffs it boils my OCD piss.

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Mrs. B is wonderful and does absolutely nothing that annoys me.

I suspect the reverse may not be true…

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House is full of her shit, everywhere but if I leave anything of mine for a couple of minutes she tidies it away. Fuck.


45 years in with my first wife.

Again it’s a telly thing. She rules the remote. We have a thingy attached to the TV with a pair of side speakers and a woofer on the back. When a decent film is on that needs a bit of volume she will turn it up a tiny bit on every request. And then turn it down when I go for a pee or drink.

And when we’re eating she always dims the lights to a point where I cannot see what the fuck I’m eating. Romantic or summit.

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The car never has any fuel in it when I go to drive it and the tires are under pressure.

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I know that one too :confounded:


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