Stylus cleaning


Love it, the 100th post on how to clean a stylus.

I’ve only cleaned mine about 3 times.

But I do clean my records a lot :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Fuck - 101st post


You need to clean it more often then


Anyway, back to the stylus :worried:


Bought a cheap cart 2nd hand a while back,sounds a bit rubbish so having a close look at it,it looks like it is gunked up
Tried a soft brush,that magic sponge thingy to no avail

Anyone tried an ultra sonic for stylus cleaning?


Have you tried a gel pad like the Vinyl Passion one?

If so & still gunked will need to look at it under your scope & clean it off


Don’t have one,but don’t think it would do it as it seems caked on.


Send it up to me :+1:




I use the AT vibrating cleaner as a last resort, works most of the time. First choice is to blow the fluff off, then the stickly VP pot then the vibrating thing.


This stuff looks like someone had baked it on,wouldn’t be surprised to find no tip there once the crud is off


What about a liquid cleaner? If stuff is really caked on it might be the best idea.


The stylus come off,so would be easy to soak it in something


Something like this ?


So, it’s blow job then a vibrator? :wink:


I have degunked a few with tungsten needles under a stereo microscope. Bit of a last resort though.


If you’ve played a record after cleaning that is not completely dry tars / oils and other gunk can re solidify / bake onto the stylus (The diamond gets hot when playing)


I have used the Nagaoka blue juice with some success.


Just remembered i have some stylus cleaner,will dunk it in some for a while


Don’t, especially if it’s alcohol based. I’ll bring your microscope round & do it under that. Alcohol or other solvents will have a go at the glue.


Just put a couple of drops on and left it 10 mins and then used the magic sponge thing.
Seems to have done it. :+1: