Sub-stantial Reinforcement Required


DSP in bass is interesting. One of the single best things you can do using rephase is to unroll the phase issues caused by the reflex port (assuming you have one). This really tightens up reflex bass, retaining the benefits of the port and removing the drawbacks.

Phase oddities generally stop your crossover working correctly, so improving the phase of your bass is a big step to getting it all working really well. I imagine that a lot of the issues people have in making subs work.

Oh, all this is only possible if you use a decent computer for DSP. A Najda or miniDSP won’t cut it, I think.


There are some minidsp products that will do fir. Including filters from rephase.


I have the Mini DSP 2x4 HD, it is more than adequate, allowing full independent control of a pair of active subs and a pair of speakers so they can be integrated together.

This but with a 2nd active sub in output 2.



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Ooh can they go into the bass with that? Loads of systems run out of taps to get close to flat.


As someone who is a digital philistine, I seem to have overlooked the massive elephant in the room. Analogue into digital (DSP trickery) digital into analogue,:thinking:


Yup, thats how they work. Run my vinyl through it with no issues at all.


The elephant is transparent.


It a clue :slight_smile: but if you can find out how many taps they support you can just see how close rephase will get.


only when it’s pink :wink:


I’m sure the OP is perfectly clear on what to buy after all that


I would second the MiniDSP option, really flexible and powerful bit of kit!


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