Sub-stantial Reinforcement Required

I like my AEs but have really noticed their limits with certain music. What they do, they do well. However, some bass reinforcement is required, so I’m planning a route down the sub path.

As it’s an experiment, I’m reticent to spend big money.

My budget short list consists of Q Acoustic Q2070 (possibly Q3070), BK Gemini II, or Monitor Audio MRW10.

Unlike normal equipment threads, I have no preconceptions nor do I need validation. I just need some useful advice. TBF that might be the difficult part :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I didn’t think flutes go down low enough to necessitate a sub?:thinking:

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I use a BK FF200 as bass reinforcement with my Sonus Faber Electas, seems to work OK, cost me £110 second hand, it seems to like being one or two inches off the floor. Not as good as a M&K MX350, but it’s a lot cheaper.

Rel q200/q201 is always worth looking for used. Often about for £150 or so.

+1 for the BK XLS200 but I would recommend downward firing for easier room integration. The Gemini will be too small to make a difference. If you can afford it, and your room is big enough, the the BK XXLS will be even better. But you really want a minimum 10in woofer.

Labhorns :joy:


For those who don’t know, I live in a 500 year old cottage. Very low ceilings and a compact L-shaped living room.

About time you bought a new house then.


I bought a BK XLS200 Mk2 last year - very good. Mainly use it with movies but occasionally I use it with music for literal bass boost when I am feeling childish.

Keep meaning to borrow Edd’s minidsp (again) to see how it is once setup properly in an every day system.

That’s ok, with appropriate cushions you can use them as sofas. :smiley:


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve DSP’d a pair of those bk subs into my hifi (and also rolled off the bass from my usual speakers at 85hz)
Well worth it, the controls on the amps alone only get you so far.

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So that’s how it’s done. I need to investigate DSP.

You have to have a half decent sub to start off with, my Sunfire sub has built in DSP and it still sounds worse than the BK.

The thing about DSP is that you need to use it fully, on both the subs and the mains, to do it properly.


Depends on the mains and their roll off and room behaviour, it’s usually pretty easy to integrate a sub without rolling off the mains.

Obviously it gives more flexibility and quicker put a high pass on the mains as well, more power handling, etc.


I’ve found that my EX4s in Oris horns sound a lot better having their lower end chopped off. Higher SPL with less strain and distortion being the most obvious. Much less cone travel is always a good sign, leads to less distortion.

Not tried full DSP other than in home cinema amps (my Yamaha has it), thank you for the suggestion I must try it.