Sunday 16th July - Meat up at mine

Okay, i’ve sent out a PM with address/mobile number to all those who could make it the first time around, if I’ve missed anyone let me know.

Due to government cut backs we will be providing something along the lines of:

Mild chili and baked potato.


There is now a new family member about called Rosie.

She is a vicious hound who will rather bite your arm off than eat what you are offering her, so don’t offer her anything please ;).

Keep the side gate shut, and be wary of her trying to escape out the front door…

The starting system will be as my profile.

Good luck and farewell my friends.

Looking forward to Sunday

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Me too, should be fun :slight_smile:

Looks much to be feared in the licking to death stakes too.

Have a good one all!

Yes this is her primary weapon :slight_smile:

Are you going to let us know how it’s going…

…or are you all in a sugar induced coma? :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, two bake-offs on successive days. Meat at Jim’s and dessert at Rob’s, need a long walk tomorrow.
Lovely sunny afternoon so most of us oscillated between the music room and the sun terrace, having to pass through the kitchen each way…
Nice sounds from Des and Des’s amps and speakers, and Tim’s t/t. A few albums added to the “buy” list started yesterday. Good banter as ever, many thanks to Rob and Donna for hosting, and all there. Can we adopt Rosie as AA mascot dog?

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Thanks to Rob and family for hosting another lovely cakefest.

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Fab afternoon lots of great food and music and usual banter on several subjects.
Thanks Rob and Donna for a fabulous afternoon.

I agree Rosie is definitely a top hound.


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Thanks to all those who came along to day,very much appreciated guys :+1:

I remembered take a few snaps…


Pleased to add my cake to the bakeoff, great hound too, she’s a cutie


Thanks for having us Rob, usual stuff, Col was grumpy, Dean ate all the food and Tim got told off by Kate (several times😀)…

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Looks to be some excellent gluttony going on :+1:

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Oi , I resemble that remark

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Don’t let my Mrs see these - she’ll be getting ideas :mask:

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I tried one and judging by the events of this morning I can catagorically state that these have been ‘mis-sold’.



I enjoyed the Janis speakers Des (pictured above with the brown fronts), they sounded great fun on the end of the other Des’s Canary EL34 amp (love) and Tims Garrard 401, c/w fully modded OL250 (I suspect I owned this arm at somepoint in history!) and Ortofon MC15 super II cart (Arkless modded CA640 on phonostage duties).

Shame we didn’t get chance to try Des’s DAC or amp, and I would have liked to have heard Marks Linn Kans on the end of something different to the NAD I’m using at present, they had more to give I think!

Thanks to Colin for the loan of the 1TB USB drive, I am amazed something this size can fit that much on it these days.

Thanks to Donna wifey for all her help with the food(she did most of it actually, baked potatoes, chilli 2 x cakes), Colin (or his better half :slight_smile: for the fab Border tart, Kate for the lovely Scones/butter/jam, Micky for a vast array of cakes, Joanne for the super Gin and Tonic cake, Des for the lovely bottle of wine (still on the fridge!), Dean for the left overs(!) from Jims the day before… Mark for his yummy brake tested Cheesecake (the crumbs were delicious…), Barrington for his epic ginger cake, Dave for grapes, fanta and all the things, Ian for the death by chocolate trifles x 2…

If I’ve missed anything/anyone please let me know, as there was so much we had to reinforce the table…

My Pavlova disappeared (ingredients by Mum and Dad by the way thank you).

There were a few things we didn’t get around to trying hifi wise, but it didn’t really matter, it was just a nice chilled out day thanks guys.

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You only had the unopened left overs - I’m still finishing off the ones we opened! :laughing:

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Big thanks to Rob and familyfor a 2nd bake-off of the weekend.

Great to meet everyone again.

I enjoyed the cakes, and the scones, and pavlova, and the baked potatoes, and the chilli, etc, etc.

Have to say, what a nice dog you have.

Another afternoon of banter, music and tomfoolery., what’s not to like.

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