Sunday 16th July - Meat up at mine

I’m having a little get together on Sunday 16th July.

11 - 7pm

14 bodies maximum I think give or take.

Let me know if you can come.

Best wishes,


P.s Yes yes yes, I know it’s the day after Jims…but what can a boy do?!

LOCATION: Swanwick, Alfreton, Derbyshire, just off J28 of the M1 motorway.

The list so far:

1.Colin - dudywoxer
2.Ian - Ijrussell
3.Barrington - mayebaza
5.Des- dipstick
6. Dean - SCIDB
7. Tim - Spider
8. Darren - belloire
9. Lee - setting son
10. Dave - octh
11. Micky - Mickyricky
12. Des - hap hazard
13. Mark - Divedeepdog
14. Dad

Subs list:

Room another now Steve is Puky

Might help to mention location to help people plan etc.

Ooops, good idea!

List updated.

Will try our best to make it.
Might be me Jack and Kate.

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Yes please Rob

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Got room for the Gerrard to make an appearance, can be loaded up with MM or MC cart as needed.
Its not been used for a while so thought it might make an appearance.

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I would’ve come otherwise :disappointed_relieved:

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I’ll pass your best regards to Rob…Jim on my way back North after your fine hospitality :grinning:
Can I eat what would have been your piece of delicious Pavlova (providing Dean doesn’t beat me to it…

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I notice Dean’s going to both…

… he’ll have a pork ‘n’ pav weekend! :grin:

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Likes to keep his food bill down, does Dean

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He’s basically a machine for converting cool music and petrol with food

He only eats and bakeoffs, and fasts in-between.

Sounds like a plan mate,make it so!

For those coming to Rob’s on 16th there is a New record fair starting in the Market place in Chesterfield on Sunday 16th.
It starts at 10am. And it’s the first time this has ever been done in Chesterfield.
So if you are coming from up north you could detour through Chesterfield on your way to Rob’s if you wanted to take a look at it.
I’m told there are about 12 stalls so not massive, but could be worth a browse.

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Sorry guys, something unexpected has cropped up, this is now cancelled I’m afraid. :frowning_face:

Right… U-TURN, i’m in a better mood today so it’s now BACK ON!

If you can still come that’s great, if not then I’m sorry about that.


Did you know that excessive sugar intake can cause indecisiveness…:astonished:

Other fings can as wells.

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