Supex SDT-77 SUT

For sale - Supex 900 Super - MC cartridge - made by Sugano San (of Koetsu fame)

It is in very good original condition and has had only light use by me. I bought it second hand so I can’t comment on the total number of hours.

What I can say is that it tracks beautifully and sounds great. I was using it on a Garrard 401 with an SME 3009 arm.

But, but my phono stage is MM only… Well, here’s the solution

Supex NDT 77 SUT - Works perfectly and is matched for this cartridge

Supex 900 Super - CARTRIDGE SOLD

Supex NDT-77 SUT - £200

Prices includes RMSD insured delivery (UK)

Headshell isn’t included, unless you’re desperate…


I’d like to buy the cartridge please, if it’s still available.

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Ok, I’ll PM you

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If the sale falls through can you drop me a pm

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Will do. Although it’s highly unlikely.