Surface Pro

I was thinking of getting some kind of tablet for fondling - mainly music selection, just needs a browser, and maybe some browsing.

Not much in the Black Friday sale, some mid price one with a few quid off at the £150-200 mark, but a bit meh.

Then I saw that you can get a used Surface Pro from £110, that’s i5 gen 4, 4GB, no keyboard, 12" screen. Has anyone used one of these? At first sight it looks ideal…

Used iPad will be better in all the key areas: touch screen, battery life, instant on/off.

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So this, say…

I’m concerned that the Surface might be less good with touch, as they usually work with a stylus, but I’ve never used one

I think for browsing and consuming media, the iPad is peerless.

The Surface is basically a full Windows laptop with associated power draw. It definitely will be less good for touch because the OS is less good for touch.

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I reckon your probably right tbh. Shame, as the 12" screen on the Surface is tempting

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Ok I’ve gone cheap Android tablet then :rofl:



Well it was that or a four year old iPad. I think this will be fine…

for the next 12 months until they switch off security updates for it.

A 2022 Lenovo Android tablet is likely to be better than a 2017 iPad in that respect, I would think. Apple are better than most manufacturers, sure, but not that much better

Leave him to it. :smiley:


Android tablets are utter shite.

As you will discover in due course.

Even hardcore Android phone users still buy iPads.



I can’t disagree with this.

Well I’m delighted with this shite tablet so far :kissing_heart:

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Bookmarking this thread to see how pleased Adam is after 6 months…


The will be whining.

Remember, he’s an accountant, so no penny will remain unpinched, even if it causes mucho pain.

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