SUT fancy case

Thanks to help from Mike the other night I know now I need to up my game in the SUT department to reduce the humm I am getting

Any suggestions on where i can get a fancy box, Mu metal, design templates etc very gratefully received

I have a pair of tribute trannys that I am happy with so dont need a new unit - just really good shielding for gear I have

Also interested in recommendations for better tone arm cable for the FR64s - anyone upgraded and been impressed please share


The Tributes should be shielded, certainly the ones I’ve always had from Pieter.

I would put them in an internal steel box and then the outer case.

cheers Pete any recomends on where I might buy the boxes and materials to shield - I thought of going to thomas Mayer for a quote for one of his SUT boxes (with no internals) so it looked the same as the rest of my kit

I also thought about building the SUT into my Denon plinth and thus shortening the path from Arm to SUT but guess that isn’t such a great idea as SUT would be close to the motor unit in the DP80 denon

If you want to go down the route of building them inside a Mayer case, then you can use mu-metal sheet to line the box, or make a box to screen the SUTs

either this:

or the verson with a self-adhesive backing

I use them to line the insides of the Model 9 SUT boxes

or Steve recently sorted out mu-metal screening for the slagle SUT which has done the rounds amongst a number of AA members:

I’m not sure that actually does much at low frequencies. It has to be gap free and you have to be careful working it or it degrades when bending.

seems Thomas M doesn’t do kits any longer so that idea is dead in the water

need to look for inspiration elsewhere or perhaps just copy the style

I do like the airtight SUT design so may take another look at that

yes, you do have to be careful working with it, but it has worked well for me so far

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Well I sourced the Mu that Steve used for the Slagle units, and it seems to be OK from what I can tell. (I don’t have the IO atm…)
I have a HM7 unit I took to Darren’s which I shielded with what I could source at the time I did it, however the SUT units are shielded already so that may be a bit different…