SUT for Io2?

Hi all,
Considering buying the io2 from Bolts and having to think about a SUT.
Budget is limited considering outlay on Cartridge which means it needs to be cheap for starters.
I do have a paradise phono stage which I’m hoping might work with it too. With appropriate loading.
Any ideas or advice etc welcome

Io2 wants to see a 3-10 Ohms load (10 Ohms is better)

The paradise should be ok with 60dB of gain but you won’t find a cheap SUT for an Io

Think the paradise is 1600 Ohms with no plugs fitted so the loading plug value will be whatever you need to achieve i.e 10 Ohms for the cart you’d need to use a loading plug of 10 Ohms

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Does he still have the cased in a Pureaudio SUT box the Audionote S2L transformers. If not you could have the ones you sold me to get you going. The S&B ones Emporium have on eBay might be worth a try as well.

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60dB is a bit low, Io really wants to see 70dB+. The AN transformers are about a 1:70 ratio to feed an MM stage (which is target 40dB gain)

You could stick a 1:10 in front of the MC phono with 60dB, it will work, but probably won’t be optimum.

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Sorry sold that…