SUT question

Can anyone recommend what ratio SUT I should be looking at for a Shelter 501 MkII

Output Voltage 501 MKII - 0.4mV
Stylus Profile Elliptical Stylus
Tracking Force 1.4-2g (recommended 1.85)
DC Resistance 20ohm
Weight 501 MKII - 8g
Frequency Response: 10Hz-50kHz, +/-2dB
Recommended Load Impedance:
Transformer - 20 - 40 ohm
Head Amp - 100 - 300 ohm

Into what preamp?

Aesthetix Rhea

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That’s useful. So a 1:10 looks like the best option although they list a 1:20 as well.

In terms of gain, a 1:10 is probably preferable, in terms of load a 1:20, at least according to their specs for transformer loading. I’m not really sure why they specify different loads for transformer vs MC head amp, that’s just odd.

A 1:20 would probably give too much gain, so I’d be inclined to go with 1:10 and experiment with load resistors.

iirc my AN S1 switches between 10 and 20. Best check. You can have a borrow if you want.



I’d take Mark up on his offer to try out the different gain settings.

Although I think you can adjust the loading on the Rhea so a 1:10 would be better.

Cheers Mark. I’m still waiting for the cart to turn up and I have nothing to mount it on at the moment as switching out the IO is a pain due to having to keep tightening the tags for the smaller IO pins so it could be awhile but thanks.

On the MM input?

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I used a 1-10 on the Shelter 901 (similar spec) that I owned.
It worked well.


I had a Shelter 301 (again similar spec) some time ago and it worked very well with the FR FRT-3 above.

30 ohm setting

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I bought this

Should do the job hopefully and cheap as chips in the big scheme of things

Good price on the Black Head.