Straightforward question. Some of my SUT’s have more than 1 set of inputs. Can I connect to more than one set of inputs at the same time from different cartridges and just listen to whichever one is playing, or could that cause issues?

I think that you should plug two in and play them both at the same time, so you have some music a half second or so behind the other.

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Thanks, Adam


Aren’t the other set of inputs for plugging in different resistors to change the characteristics…

pretty sure that’s what they’re for on my SUT.


Are the inputs switched and/or loaded?

Neither are switched. Just different loading possibilities

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You need some new spectacles


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I may be wrong but I believe this may be the issue.

That’s why I’m wondering if it’s a bad idea. I have this (possibly wrong) theory that the alternative cartridge i.e. the one not playing, will become part of the circuit.

Seems like it to me, the internal impedance will be in parallel knocking the effective load way down.

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It will, only one cartridge at a time.

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Thanks, both.:+1:

Different solution required.

Could you not use one of those multi inputs from qed or similar before the sut?

Guessing this would only work if loading was similar.

Indeed, in fact I have gthang’s old (but very fine!) one, which will serve me admirably for 6 inputs. It’s just a question of numbers. I would like to play about 9 cartridges without having to change cables.

Not the end of the world if I can’t, but I’ll find a solution one way or another.

With the SFz it may depend on how the load switching is done. I still have an ANS6 with no switching & you certainly couldn’t hang 2 or 3 cartridges together off the primary of that without affecting the cartridge in use.

I suspect the Sfz is the same.

But the SFz may switch the other parts such that only the selected part of the winding is connected.I’m not sure, the raw transformer is wired as below.

If you’re playing a cartridge, say an SPU, switched into the 3 Ohm tap & you have an Io attached across the 1 Ohm part of the winding it must affect what gets presented to the SPU.
But if the switch detaches the Io’s arm wiring from the 1 ohm winding then the SPU should work fine. TBH you aren’t going to damage anything by trying it.

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