Swanky grub near Notts train station

Looking to take client for lunch in Nottingham city centre tomorrow - the lady in question likes healthy eating mostly and I’m a veggie looking to load up on carbs - any ideas within walking distance of the train station?

Have a walk into Hockley. It’s hipster central and a lot of nice ethnic restaurants - particularly Thai.

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World service lunch menu.
If you want excellence nearby.

Or, for a twist, bar iberico. The sister restaurant iberico will be more money and more formal if that’s what you want. My veggie wife loves it as it’s tapas but quality.

Or as above just do lace market area and you can’t go wrong.

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Nice one - I just remembered that she mentioned she likes tapas and had found Iberico. Which ones closer to the train station?

Not much in it. I’d look online and pick the menu you like.
I have done iberico which is more formal. Never done the bar which is more gastro “pub” from what I have heard.
Wife endorses both as a veggie.

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Make it?

Fess up. You treated her to bucket and a fizzy pop?

First challenge was to find it - walked past it twice before spotting the small fold out sign on the pavement!

Yep nice tapas and an unusually fine selection of sherries :+1:

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