Swiss Army type amplifier box thingy

I’m looking for a decent quality does everything in one box thing for my new office. It will run my Audience 1+1 speakers and have my Techie SL7 and phone and laptop via USB as sources. Headphone amp a bonus but not essential.

I’ve looked at the Pro-ject Maia DS2 which seems to do everything -

Any alternatives worth a look also?

Quad vena 2?


I’ve got one of those in the kitchen connected to an Auralic Aries mini. Sounds great and is really good value for money for such a tiny package.

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Did you find anywhere where it was on offer etc?

No. I bought in on eBay as I was too busy with builders to be arsed looking around and Richer Sounds didn’t have one in Liverpool.

Save a bit on the

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