Synergy / MEH horns a new system

So, full SH50…

Just plonked down in place💪 with no DSP filter changes, the tonal balance is still fine.
Volume up, the bass, but also the mids have apparently taken on a new authority, but the delicate stuff is really nice too.
I was a bit worried the extra MF taps might mess the HF up somehow - need not have worried.
The detail is still stunning me.

I backed the LF gain off a couple of clicks as the new side is 4ohm and has double the cone area!

Sure looks the part with 4 LF taps and 4 ports!

The long bolts need a trim.

The midbass is truly pulsating when it should be.
None of my previous horn efforts had mid bass like this!
They keep up, or rather work in unity with the tapped horn subs perfectly.

Of all my DIY creations I really love these MEH horn speakers.

They do do much right and so little wrong!
What they do is provide a unified performance.

I’ll be measuring and tweaking the phase coherency as necessary and have 2 more MF drivers for the other side coming soon.


I bit the bullet and did the 2nd cab
full driver compliment project.

New full volume rear cab made and painted.
I really like the Danley method of using long bolts through the rear cab shell through into T nuts in the horn.
Really positive fixing and pulls the sides in on the bracing runners nicely.

I wired up. 4 MF drivers to give 8 ohms and the 2 LF giving 4 ohms.

I just need to find a nicer way of sealing the hole in the rear of cab where the Vitavox S2 drivers stick through.
Tape works but is not so nice - a neoprene ring, flange etc are on the cards.

Got the cab back in place💪

Running them up now :notes: :smiley:

2 X LF per side shift some air / punch nicely when called for.

I’ll swear the 4 X MFs sound sweeter too? It’s okay, I’m biased - after all the work I’ve put in on them😂


This is an interesting presentation and nice build…

His use of a Hypex 3 amp (250w + 250w + 100w), DSP active plate amp per Synergy horn is interesting.
These amps are gaining more traction in the Pro sound / hifi crossover.

Uses the B&C coaxial compression driver, doing HF and MF, and 2 X 10" B&C LFs.


I still can’t quite get over how pure and right the sound actually is of the
MF (4 drivers) coming through 8 3/4" taps, and the
LF (2 drivers) coming though 4 2.5" taps, with another 4 same sized ports doing reflex bass.
The Vitavox S2 we know and love…


Just the £2k for the drivers :smiley:

Yeah they do add up.

Don’t you have any drivers just kicking about, or stuff to reuse?:slightly_smiling_face:

You could start with 1 X Kappa 12A per cab at £139. Or even 10".
2 X 4" or 5" Celestion MFs at ~£60.
1 X Eminence N314X -8 compression driver at £210
=£410 per cab.

The B&C coaxials are £479 so not so cheap! Hence I did not go that route.
Also for me an unknown sound quality.
I was once bitten by the BMS4550 1" compression driver - twice shy…
Would have been fine at a sound reinforcement gig. Not so in the hifi room!

I still plan to be able to put the BMS driver in should I use them at garden party / wedding etc.

What would one compare the cost of the above build sound for £ wise to a commercial Hifi speaker?
Synergy does it in a way no separate driver system can.
Also in a way no single driver full range can…

This is deffo something I’m planning in the future
I have some suitable hf and bass drivers plus amps plus DSP crossover for a pair - Only need to buy mid drivers and wood - The complex geometry is my main concern. Considering doing some 3d modelling and printing of some edge bracketry to aid manuf


That really is a no-brainer.

I really just needed the mids, didn’t think S2s would work depth to diaphragm initially, so went BMS route.

Then I decided to load up on drivers, so cost a bit more…
Bit that was after I’d tasted the success of the project.

DSP is essential!

There are 4 sided pyramid angle calculators.
Just set your table saw, Festool etc to the angles given and te voilà.

I’m amazed how successful bitumen lined chipboard is too.
Cheap as chips, esp as had boards already.
Urethane expanding wood glue is great too.


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cheers Steve - I haven’t read up in detail but how are slot and holes sizes in horn calculated? - I suspect that I am going to drill these features after gluing the inner horn.

Selective editing there😂

They would have been derived by compression horn theory…
No doubt verified by the excellent Hornresp tool…

I just used what what published for the SH50…

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That’s the thing, other than making excuses for myself I’m yet to hear them in a home setting.

I have been messing around and toying with diy speakers for some time and have never got to starting.

Adjusted some Altec 828s for different drivers, looked at the Seven Pi speakers and the Fikus Electric P-17. Do find the MEH interesting, plus it wouldn’t be hard to build a folded horn bass as a stand for them.

Hmmm, well, with this kind of thing, you have to just dive in and be prepared to make mistakes, take the hit, learn the lessons, do the improvements, take another hit, learn the lessons, do the improvements and so on.
It is almost guaranteed that you will not get it right the first time, or the second, or the third.
It is a process that you have to trust.
When you get it right at each step it is really rewarding.

Just to say, I haven’t done MEH horns.
I am resisting that next step as I really need to be happy with what I have got at some point🤣!

Bachman-Turner Overdrive song about Synergy horns :slightly_smiling_face:

… I met some :imp: speakers,
They took my heart away,
They said I had it coming to me
But I wanted it that way,
… I think that any Synergy is good Synergy,
So I took what I could get, mmm, ooh-ooh,
They looked at me with big square horns,
And said
… "You ain’t heard nothing yet,
B-b-b-baby, you just ain’t heard n-n-n-nothing yet,
Here’s somethin’ that you’re never gonna forget,
B-b-b-baby, you just ain’t heard n-n-n-nothing yet,

Life is a journey though speaker technology🙂

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There’s so much info available it’s a pretty smooth ride to be honest.

The Danley and DIYaudio have pretty much evolved what works.
Don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

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Here’s the RH one all back in place and singing sweetly…


Sums them up nicely🙂