Tablet for movies?

Mrs P is needing more time in bed and would like to watch Netflix etc.
room constraints mean a TV is not a great option so she wants to get a tablet with a stand that allows viewing will led down. She’s had some policy pay outs so happy to spend on a 12” + tablet.
Likes the iPad Pro 12.9, that would also suit me as I seem to have jumped to the apple eco.

I’m a bit concerned that the aspect ratio may be a bit shit for movies. The Samsung T9 ultra is maybe better? But I’m sort of loathed to go the Android route.
Anyone got real world experience of decent tablets for movie duties?

iPad Pro 12.9 aspect ratio 4:3
Samsung T9 16:10

I know the Samsung has better multi tasking but that’s not a concern.

I like the iPad pro, 10"

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Is that an older model?

Edit: has the same aspect ratio as the 12.9 so presumably the bigger screen would get more coco like

Yeah, just the smaller version.

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Is there much screen waste watching films/TV?

Depends on the exact aspect of whatever, you normally do get black bars too and bottom. I think you’ll get that with any device, though.

As far as tablets go, I do think the pro is head and shoulders above the rest.

The Samsung seems a very close competitor, if I wasn’t in the Apple system I’d seriously consider it.

I think the Apple ease of use will be a big win for Mrs P.
I’m just a little nervous as she is looking to me for advice and I know little about tablets and it’s a rather speedy one.

I’ve got the iPad Pro 12.9” 3rd gen with the Smart Keyboard and it’s a fantastic tablet. It lives in the bedroom and I watch TV or films on it every night.

With the iPad sat on the side tablet the screen is absolutely fine for watching movies etc, most of the apps go full screen with no borders etc.

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Is Netflix full screen?

Weirdly have just tried Jellyfin and Plex etc and they all have the 4:3 bars, guess I just got used to them and ignore now.

Netflix has a full screen button that reduces the bars down in height but not completely

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Think I will go check one out tomorrow.

I bet you do :joy:


Got her an iPad Pro 12.9, it’s rather nice.

Grabbed myself a watch while I was there.