Tabriz problem

OK, I thought gimbal was just a term for the type of mount and they could be knife edge ball etc.

Just took this from Google

Basically tonearm pivots are either gimbaled, knife-edge or unipivot. Gimbalpivot. Gimbaled designs are the most common. With gimbaled arms the vertical and horizontal pivots use a needle point in contact with bearings, which allows the arm to move freely at the axis points .

On the Helius,it has 4 threaded cups and each one holds the 3 ball bearings.You can adjust each one with a slotted screwdriver

Hopefully the bloke j7 put you onto can sort it cheapish.

His minimum charge is £180.

Can you not return it?

Well the problem is I collected it from Swansea which is a 6 hour round trip, he showed it working he asked if I wanted to remove the arm (I have the packaging) and I declined. Basically I think it’s my fault.

Did you take the counterweight off & secure the arm before moving it all?

I secured the arm but didn’t remove the counterweight, I realise that I should know better :confused:

It’s no guarantee but removing the weight does reduce the likelihood of a nasty jolt damaging the bearings.

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That’s a Meat Man Epitaph right there.