Tabriz problem

I bought a Roksan Xerxes/Tabriz yesterday, I have just set it up and there’s a problem, the arm sticks and the stylus jumps the groove, not all the time just various points. I have the VTA set at 1.75gms anti-skate at 2.0. the platter is perfectly level and the arm feels smooth in operation. Any ideas. ps The seller demonstrated it and ot seemed fine.

normal or posh dangly weight?


It may be sticky bearings but I’d also only recommend the bias applied being about 2/3 of the vtf so maybe try 1.1-1.2g of anti-skate?

Thanks Guy, I’ll try that. What is the cure for sticky bearings?

fouling on the armlift?

No I’ve already checked that.

Thanks Chris. I’ve just tried that and blowing doesn’t move the arm horizontally. FML.

Have you tried swearing at it and hitting it with a hammer?

That is the kind of useful advice we’ve been missing for the last 12 months.

OK, I’ll do it because everybody else has avoided it: @J_B have you broken the cartridge (already)?

Well duh!!!( Obviously :roll_eyes:

OK, it looks like the horizontal bearings are fuct, what’s the solution?

No idea if it’s financially worth getting fixed,maybe ask j7 for a quote
See it’s almost the same pivot to spindle as a rega

I had a go at fixing my Helius arm as it was sticking,I loosened each side,and all the ball bearings fell out.
Measured the ball bearings and bought some new ones off eBay.
Managed to replace bearings at work,and it’s now fine.
Was a complete faff though to be honest.

I don’t know if I want to start dismantling the arm :confused: I have just messaged J7 so will wait to see what he has to say.

Mine was stick on the same place on each album.
Not sure if it was dirt or dried out grease

I have just spoken with J7 but it’s not something he could handle, he gave me the name of another guy, Paul at the Hifi Gallery and I have messaged him. I can’t even find out what type of bearings they are.

It’s a gimbal bearing I think.
On the Helius it has 4 spikes,each sits in the middle of 3 ball bearings.
No idea if yours is the same.