Takatsuki ta300b vs Psvane we300b plus

Got the LVs in at the moment. They are virtually brand new and probably need a lot more hours on them but it definitely feels like “Look at what you coulda won” compared to the Takas. The LVs aren’t cheap either.

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Ever had Svetlanas? My Thomas Meyer amp arrived with them but one went pop fast. Meanwhile I got a nice pair of early 90s WE and they are not as inferior as difference in price. I wouldn’t mind having a second one to complete a pair of Sv, but given the geostrategical situation, maybe in next life.

What did you go for Mark?

I use EH gold grids all the time, i think the standard EH are effectively the old Svetlana, but i may be wrong.
I used to use the Svetlana 2A3 back in the day as preferance over all the Chinese types.
The EH have similar scale and structure to WE, but are a bit grey and less musical than WE, but as you note with Svetlanas the difference is small compared to the price gap.

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Sorry Kev, saw this on my mobile the other day then forgot to reply. I haven’t bought any yet as I welped out of spending 4k on replacing something that doesn’t need replacing just now. When I need new ones it will be the Takas for sure.

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It’ll be an inflationtastic £6k by the time you need them then :skull:.

£12k as the £ will also tank.

What, even when there’s 240 pennies in every one?



£40k. For tubes. :crazy_face:

Maybe it’s time I dug my collection out and sold it.

Unfortunately (or luckily) no videos on this.

The Psvane are nowhere as good as KR, Takatsuki, Elrog or the WE reissues.

The Takatsuki have better reliability. They have denser mids.

KR and Elrog have more extension and are more transparent, Elrog you get the stage more midhall and layered back when it exists on the recording, instead of more forward

The comparisons were done in the Alieno OTL amplifier (in one system with Cessaro zeta and in another with ugh Magico Q7 mk II)

In the art audio 300b amplifier at the designer’s place, the WE 300b reissues sounded best over KR and Elrog because he had voiced his amp specifically to them. At Jim’s the Takatsuki sound great in his amp though no compares were done.

My Alieno friend has now got the ER300b-Mo which are the molybdenum ones made my Thomas Mayer in 2020. He said they outdo all of the above. I will do the compare sometime in summer.

Thomas additionally also makes the TM 300b which is tungsten filament, but not Mo.

Had you asked, I could have dragged out a pair of 10 year old Valve Art chinesium cheapos :joy:

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EH golden grids are the best ones.


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