Tales from the Ginnel

Workshop shaving est Mort, the Ginnel is my new workshop and I will pop up a few bits n bob’s in here.

A new hi-fi rack is long overdue and after many discarded ideas I have settled on a Sycamore cabinet floated up on black walnut legs topped off with an English walnut slab.

Sized to take a couple of turntables, phono stage/SUT on top, integrated amp and CDP below all flanked with storage for about 250 ready to use records.

Constructed in solid timber with dovetails to the main carcase, rebate joints for the shelves and partitions with wedged blind mortice and tenon’s to the top.

The Sycamore will be bought as waney edged planks to be hand worked, the price difference between this and planed all round timber is about 300 pounds vs 800 pounds. Will put those hand tools to good use.


I love these threads. I don’t even have the skills to saw a plank of wood straight - and believe me I have tried.

That’s ok, you could do the curved legs :grin:

I’ve got the perfect saw for that

1480 x 730 - should be adequate :smile:

Cant be doing with inadequate small racks, overhang should be relegated to ones waistline only.

I thought I had adequate rack girth with 630mm, however it appears not…

Even at 730 i remain concerned as to adequacy

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Ah, @Adpully’s next open baffle project :slight_smile:



Claro walnut with Lacewood plinth.


The Buddhist scroll cabinet making is doing ok, one of these on the way, a Lie Nelson No 8 jointer plane.

I can thoroughly recommend Buddhism, a tremendous religion.

Have you finished the rack yet?

Lol, accumulated half the material, there is a lot of it :grinning:

A bit more progress on the plinth, another in Sycamore (pour moi) and one in Pomella Sapele on the go too.


and the rack ?

Panels being glued up. Using a wall mounted cramping system to do this, unfortunately not in my workshop.


It’s arrived and I love it, a no 8 jointer. Ten pounds of heft, lovely to use. Two foot long and here with a number 3 & 4 for comparison.


Very nice. Where did you buy it, Bob?