Tales from the Ginnel

Unfortunately I now have to make a sewing box, it’s the butcher’s bill😁


Loads of little drawers and things, maybe an expanding one?
Sewing boxes can be elaborate works of art :grinning:

Do it badly out of MDF / never get asked again :ok_hand:

Stay-tuned for marriage guidance tips :ok_hand:


Hey @BobC have you considered making climbing holds? My wife just bought these for £35…

There’s a dude who makes them out of offcuts, seems a sensible way to use any and could be a nice side earner.


Time to get on with the last plinth, a maxi size varient for my 401. Decided to use a piece of tank wood I’ve had for years now, think I aquired it from Matt.

Frame is in Bocote and tank wood top plate now sized and trial fitted. Still looking for the saw cut veneer for the top, hope to have that in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime I have bought a few router bits to make the cut for the 401. Tank wood is not kind to cutters. If I were making a batch of these I would use very high pressure CNC water cutters to do the job.


Say it ain’t so :sob:

I’ve made over a dozen now, is been fun but it’s not a business as such. I may be persuaded to make one for someone on here for cost and a tool or two.

My existing 401 plinth will be up for sale when this one is finished and I’m certainly not making another 401 plinth, way too complicated for one offs

Pls be taking 18 months so I can be savings.


The one that was at Settle?

Back off, Tis MINeee

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All yours mate.

:rofl: I wish.

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I’ll have it then, will be a nice platform to sit the Linn Klimax on.

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The words Linn and Klimax in combination tell me you need to get out more😁

I was thinking more like battle of the works vehicles,. It’s been nice knowing you Rob.

Yeah, Mercedes E-Vito vs Optimus Prime is only gonna end one way!

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This one was in the pipeline already, not a Garrard that’s for sure. Had one of these myself, one a bit further down in the pecking order, but making this plinth has sparked an interest and as it happens, one is for sale😁

This was a trial fit in a spare 301 frame, confirmed that I need to make a frame larger all round by 75mm.


Ed very kindly offered to make the cut out in the panzer using his CNC. Trying to control a powerful router by hand using a template was bloody Lethal!


One of the legs of the unit upon which my kit sits has come loose. It is a dowelled joint. I am planning to glue it back in place. My question is, will using one of these to clamp it make any difference to the strength of the fix?

Apologies if this is the wrong thread.

It certainly will, just make sure that all the old glue has been removed or the new glue won’t be able to penetrate into the fibres

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