Tales from Uh-merica

Same situation with Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein. She is 89 and has finally announced her retirement at the end of her current term.
Feinstein is on the important Senate Judiciary Committee, and her recent absence due to shingles did great damage to the process of getting Federal Judges appointed (Biden administration still did a great job on this front).
Seeing her in interviews when she returned from her illness it is clear she is in the early stages of dementia, she became combative and insisted she was never absent from Washington and was at work

She should be replaced immediately, and no one should disabuse her of that notion


Agreed. However, she has had a storied career and powerful allies like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have been running cover for her for years.

The future for Merca is assured…


Good to see the conjugation is correct :ok_hand:

…but if ye’re gunna 'shop summat, finish the job…


A kilo of fentanyl. In a nursery.

If that’s uncut Fentanyl, that’s an insanely large quantity. As in, 400,000 fatal doses for a normal adult…

You seem to be an expert on these things, finally decided to settle in Liverpool then?


If the guns don’t get you the 'gators will

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