Tales from Uh-merica


Only. In. America.

WTF? Fined for doing sums?

I’m not quite clear whether their objection is to him sharing the information (which seems to be the claim he’s making) or calling himself an engineer. In this country there are quite a few limits on acting as a medical doctor or a financial adviser if you aren’t one. But there’s nothing to stop you providing information - smoking is bad for your lungs, credit card debt is not usually the cheapest way of borrowing - unless you’re going to charge for it. Pointing out that there’s a better way of programming traffic lights hardly seems like a threat to public safety.


Is it not to do with unionisation in the US?

God knows what sentence I’d get for the BTJ-9000


Pretty sure Rabski would get away with it for time served over his 300b amp.


KBE at least.

Quite funny really, especially when ‘Engineer’ hasn’t really meant anything in the USA since they started using the term to mean a train driver.

Lol, truly incredible


Fucking insane.

Compilation of fucktardery here:

Darwin in action.


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Not as effective as it ought to be though. The councillors listened to the nutters, as they are obliged to do, then passed the mask-wearing law anyway. The nutters won’t wear them and the police will mostly not notice and/or not act. Most of the nutters look old enough that if they were going to have kids they’ve already done so. So even if they do get the virus and even if it does take them their genes will live on. The ones who will suffer are the ones who have overwhelmingly suffered so far - the very old and the otherwise vulnerable :frowning_face:.


Sadly true.

America is the cult of selfhood, so not really a surprise.


It’s still fucking weird. Most are hypochondriacs. I’d half expect them all to be running around in biohazard suits not bitching about masks. It’s up there with the antivaxers.

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Give 'em their due, the nutters are pig-headed (they would say ‘principled’) enough that they would stick to their belief systems even if they demonstrably were killing them, rather than killing other people. They just want to be left alone. Unfortunately they’re surrounded by vulnerable people.


Well, that’s my point about the cult of selfhood. I’ll do what I want and fuck everyone else.


My American (and Floridian) friends just posted this.

Their conclusion