Tannoy 6o5

I have some Tannoy six series speakers (605… maybe the 603?) that are stand mount and I got in the late 80s or early 90s?

They have been in the garage (on the bespoke shaped stands) for ages so have seen some temperature extremes and may not have been in an ideal hibernation!

Pretty sure one of the main drivers has failed too.

I want something for the gym room I have finalised and I can either buy in cheap or sort these out. No idea on renovating a speaker. So is it even worth it. They have ten years plus at least of being idle. Maybe double.


If it’s just for the gym just get a loud Bluetooth job, you won’t hear it over the panting and moaning otherwise

True. Seems a shame to do that as I have a stand. And some retro Technics separates (VU goodness). And stacks of CDs.
I’d do these up for nostalgia and cos they are the right size. But not if it’s not worth the cash or effort! Give me an excuse to play some full albums, not just phone cast some banging dance to a plug in lump.

Check the sliding terminal connector, it was fairly rubbish on the 607s I have.

They are buried in the garage. I’m sure one driver had a hole in. So it might have to be new ones… if that’s even a thing (though there are like for like used, it seems).

Skiperooni time :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe. I don’t know how they deteriorate over time inside If neglected. Long time sat in the dark and cold.
I’ll have to dig out and look.

Hole in driver may present a problem

Not with a swap out for a spare. It’s more the innards and foam etc. Never had to resurrect a speaker that’s been in a garage for years.

Might be worth it just for the experience and the good feeling when you get tunes.

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This is true, even if it costs a few bucks.

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Then you can go building crazy and do some big fuck off horns!

Not for a teeny gym room with a bike turbo, under 3m wide!

Looks on eBay like the speakers go for £50 a pair, and the bass drivers £25 each.

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Call me psychic, but you could have your answer, right there


Yep. I’ll give them a spin as 25 for some spares is worth it as I have the stands.

Had a pair of 609s years back - biggest standmount in the range, coaxial drivers - flawed but to this day still the best sounding Tannoys I’ve heard.

But yeah, 605s are pure gash, sell 'em on ebay and buy summat good.

I have a boxed pair in the garage which afaik work fine, but I dont have the matching stands

If u get some other speakers I would be interested in the stands :grin:

If I ditch the speakers the stands are superfluous.
Heavy black target ones I think.

I liked the 609s, better than the rest of that range for sure. Also the D100s, which were the baby of the upmarket range, were also better than the bigger ones.

I’ve never liked the big Tannoys. They’ve always sounded a bit slow to me. Really tried hard to like them, but I fail every time.

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