Taxi needed

A long shot, I am sure.
Is anyone likely to be around Canary Wharf, in a car? I need an amp collected, that has no box. Paid for, so just a quick collection.
With the new charges in London, I know it is not very likely, but any help appreciated, if you can manage.

I’ll be at the daughters place next Saturday Gregg (9th April) which is about 5 miles from Canary Wharf.
If you can get it dropped off in Ilford, I could call in at yours on the way back.

It is with the guys mother, who doesn’t drive. He is in Japan, so has to be collected from her.
Thanks for the offer.

OK no worries. An Uber from Canary wharf to Ilford would only be about a tenner though… :man_shrugging:

I will pay your Uber taxi fare, to go collect it??

It’s a bit more difficult than that Gregg. I will be travelling down in the late afternoon direct to Pete’s in Hertfordshire, then a few of us are going for a Turan.
After the Turan, I’m going to pick up Flo, then drive back to Norfolk.
It will be fairly late in the day by then, but if the amp was already in Ilford at that point, no issues dropping it at yours on the way back.

I understand. No problem.
I wouldn’t ask his mum to carry an amp down to the car, and he offered collection only.
It is no great worry. It was only £80, but it is a lump.