Taxi request: NW London to NW England

Anyone from London/SE England coming up this way in the near future and willing to transport something?

I’m after @flapland s projector so it’s reasonably portable, not like pair of Tannoys or a R2R…

I’m in Wigan but more than happy to travel a bit to meet up if it makes things more likely to happen.

I am happy to use public transport to get to most parts of London if that helps any Taxi.

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If it hasn’t moved by, err, “when this shit looks less mental” I’ll be travelling by train from London to Bolton via Mcr later in the year.

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I’m happy to meet up Guy, Bolton is no problem at all.

I also plan to do the same but I think getting the timing could be a challenge hence Rob’s taxi request.

Is there some sort of party in Bolton I’ve not been invited to then?

Sorry I should have been clear, via PM I have also offered to take it up on the train as I plan to visit my parents in North Manchester in the next 6-8 weeks. However Covid will be a consideration.

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I was kidding.

Bit if there is a party…

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