Taxi required - East Cambs to Worcestershire

Greg @catcando has kindly offered to pick up my amplifier and hold onto it until a meat man comes by who can get it a little closer. He is between Cambridge and Newmarket.

I’m in Stourport in Worcestershire, about 15 mins from the M5, or 30 mins from M42.

Very happy to ply you with fuel money or a bottle of something :wink:

Bump - anyone heading anywhere close to Gregg’s place and could get it slightly closer to me?

Trying to avoid booking a courier etc :grimacing:

Update: Gregg’s son might be able to get it to Northampton. @Myrman I know you’re busy with your house build etc but might you be able to pick up?

Anyone near Northampton travelling close by to West Mids any time soon?

No problem Wayne will be able to get it to mine ok. Gregg has been in touch.

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Thanks to @Myrman the amp is now in Northampton.

Anyone coming anywhere near the West Mids from that direction in the next few weeks?

MrsKettle’s parents are not too far from Nick, but I don’t know when we will next be going that way. I will dive back on if we do make plans.