Taxi Time - Spalding To Wrexham or Milton Keynes

Anyone able to help get a nice, compact, light-weight pre amp (Puresound L300) from Spalding to somewhere near the Wrexham / Chester area?

Alternatively, we’ll be driving basically Folkstone to Wrexham if someone along that rough route could act as a holding point for when we pass through on about the 25th or 27th Jan.

Stealth bump to add if anyone can get it to @Tons_of_fun he’s happy to hold onto it until we come past.

Happy to make contributions to fuel etc too, aware petrol prices are still apparently bonkers in the UK.

I’m five mins off j14 for reference and generally in the house most of the time on account of being a fat recluse :+1:.

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If Ed is not around I’m happy to help. I’m a couple of stops further up the M1.

If @edd9000 Edd can bring it to Jim’s, then I can grab it and give it to @Tons_of_fun Ed as we catch up regularly. Or if @PapaLazarou is going to Jim’s then he can bring it back?

If he isn’t I am not so far away from Ed.

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I’m going to Jim’s on the 12th to try and sellotape/nail his Acapellas back together…


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I’m planning on going to Jim’s on the 28th.

Me too mate, but Jon isn’t, because of Reasons.

Yeah, the aim is to be on the Eurotunnel back to France on the evening of the 27th.

Will you be doing that at some point between the 12th and the 27th?

If so, I think we have a solution.