Long shot but is anybody happen to be going from up North (Yorkshire way) down to the South anytime soon, obviously pending Tier3/Lockdown rules?
I may have bought another pair of speakers… Happy to pay for fuel/tea/beer etc :grinning:

Bigger than your current ones I hope? :wink:

Yes, Its not difficult though :rofl:


They look great rob …suit your new room aswell.

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How big are they? I’m travelling from Castleford to Ironbridge on Thursday 3rd December. I’ll have Janbald and 2 dogs but I do have an estate car and we’re only up there for 3 nights so we’ll not have much luggage. If there is anyone who could do the next bit?

Its a pair of Tannoy Stirling TWWs, with the additional stands so largish.


Speaker dimensions (H x W x D): 700 x 486 x 310 mm; (850 x 525 x 380 mm packed). Any idea of he stand size? Does that sound about right? Where are they?

Just checked - they should fit depending on stand size. I can lay them on thier sides amd put tge soft luggage bags on top with a blanket in between. I’ll be up again the following week for 10 days so will have more luggage then. I could collect the stands then and bring them back. If they’re not far from Castleford I could store the stands at my sons hous in between.

If we can work out the next leg I could store them in the conservatory.

I’ll check the space in the car more carefully tomorrow when it has hopefully stopped raining.

BTW, we are babysitting as son and DiL are NHS workers so not being naughty travelling :innocent:


Thanks Mick, I’ll get the details and let you know.
We could drive up, its around a 6-7 hour round trip but even if the area is not in Tier 3, not sure I feel great about travelling the country just to pick up the speakers, not really essential or in the spirit.

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