TEAC A-H500 integrated, phono stage left channel dead. Repairers?

FoL#1 Ellie’s amp has developed a fault on the left channel of the phono stage, it outputs, but at an infinitesimally low level. All the other inputs are fine so I tried a known good MM cart and swapped headshells to rule them out. Eventually I swapped out the entire amp for my old Arcam 8R and that confirmed the fault is with the TEAC.

I took the covers off and got rid of most of the dust and fluff in there but can’t see anything obvious like a bust cap or burned out resistor, so immediately it has become beyond my capabilities…

I’d like to have this repaired because A: Ellie likes it, and B: I want to sell the Arcam.

Is there anyone in the NW that would come recommended to repair this really quite nice little amp? Simon @sjs would it be something that you’d be interested in doing? Istr there’s a guy in Bolton who’s been mentioned as decent before?

Mike Powell in bolton

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Cheers Paul.

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Booked in with Mike for Monday. Told Ellie she’d be paying for it…

Mike’s good. Only does and charges for what he has to.

Yeah, had a chat with him, seems like a good bloke. I’ve got a tape deck that needs new belts so might take that up too.

Get Ellie to pay for that as well



You jest, but she has an old Walkman and gets me to make mixtapes for her…

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No I meant that she will have no idea what it costs to repair her amp so bung the cost of your tape deck on top. She is a teenager, she is into you for loads, she will only spend it on K-Pop anyway :grinning:

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Ahhh… sounds like a plan! :smiley:

Got to start learning real life lessons at some point … :grinning:

Indeed. Wait till it’s new cartridge time, I’ll sell her my OC9 and treat myself to a Koetsu…

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