Technical shit

Right, made a few technical changes to how the site is run etc. to help try and prevent a complete fuckup like we’ve just had.

We now have daily backups of the whole site going of to Amazon’s S3 storage option. It’s all nice and automated etc. and S3 storage is pretty cheap, so shouldn’t make much different to the costs of running the forum.

At some point I’ll need to power down the forum to take a full server snapshot, but that’s more about speed of restoring the site rather than maintaining data.

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Why ? Surely you can find as many as you need on the internet already ?


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The giant red T is doing my head in.

Please restore the pimp giraffe :slight_smile:

Think I just saw the old forum floating in the hoe at Plymouth

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Given the number of tiny pieces it exploded into I’d imagine it covers most of the Hoe.

Didn’t fancy recovering it inode by inode?

It was lobbing floating turds at passers by


That was probably Sodders, or at least the stored bile in the old forum…


‘Floating’. ‘Hoe’. ‘Plymouth’

The Abattoir defined to perfection.