Technics SP15?

Ay up
Has anyone got experience of the Techy SP-15 motor unit.
Any info appreciated

Also any experience of the SP-10 mk1


The Mk2 has a more betterer motor and control than the mk1.
Dunno about the sp15. Supposed to be alright,

A nice mk2 if you can find one for okay money is the bestest one, unless you have the pennies for a mk3.

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I think the SP15 motor was more like the one used in the 1200/1210 and the SL-10


There is a SP10 mk 2 over on the Wam.

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I had a Mk1 SP10.
It was the one we (I worked for Garrard at the time) bought in Japan for evaluation. We measured it and partially disassembled it to cost it. It then went into storage and I eventually bought it from the scrap man for ÂŁ12, reassembled it and converted it to 240V from 100V.
I had a SME 3009 improved arm on a home made plinth.
It was great but, not knowing how valuable it would become, I put it in a skip when I moved house and didn’t have a way to easily carry it :frowning:
One of my greatest regrets, obvs…

FWIW it was depressingly superior to the 401 Garrard’s flagship at the time.



The SP-15 was based on the Sl-1300. I understand the SL-1300 was a lesser5 motor unit than the SL-1200. The surrounds on the SP-15 were plastic compared to the metal SP-10.


From what I know about the SP 15 it looks more impressive than it really is!

I wouldn’t bother with it, look for the SP10 MK2.