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I’m in the market for a 4K Smart TV*. Due to the size of the cottage, it has to be a max of 40 inch and less than 10kg. It’s to be wall mounted. Max budget of £450ish.

What’s the best value/picture/usability available ?

I expect recommendations for TVs costing many thousands of pounds and screen sizes in excess of 55 inches.
Which are the best brands or the one that you bought so there is some reinforcement of your choice.

*For the record, I have already chosen the one I will buy and where from. So all recommendations that do not agree with my choice will be dismissed as rubbish and unhelpful.


I chatted about this with @coco in the pub last night; I might get something similar in the black Friday sales.

From when I went into John Lewis a few weeks ago, there is a huge difference between 4k cheap and 4k expensive. They all talk about high dynamic range and stuff, but you get what you pay for.

Anyway, if I buy one it will be a Samsung, because the smart system is great (my current one happily plays any file on my server) and they tend to be good value. I’ll be checking HUKD tomorrow to see if there is one that is actually genuinely cheap.

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I bought a Toshiba cheap from tesco eBay outlet online I wouldn’t recommend Toshiba as I do get streaming snags
Samsung is a good shout

Tesco outlet eBay shop were very good value though

Cheap/Good/Large. Pick any two.


Picked up a Samsung UE40KU6020 last year about this time for £349.

It is more than adequate, and came with a 5 year guarantee.

(It was bought from Richer Sounds)

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take your pick (a few 4k ones here)

we have a big LG downstairs and it is great, and smaller Samsung ones in the Kitchen and Bedroom and they are great. I’d buy LG again as I prefer its SMART features. I suspect they are all much of a muchness.

I recall reading that 4k is pointless on a 40" if you sit more that 5’ away (or something similar)…

ok not pointless, but sub optimal

It is in terms of pixel density, but like most TV technology you sometimes have to accept some irrelevant features to get the genuinely useful stuff.

The better 4K TVs have HDR capability which is a big PQ bump regardless of screen size.

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tis true that - I meant to write that when I replied but I got distracted

Naturally there are competing HDR standards at the moment because Grrrrrr.

It will be 8k soon

Not even joking.

I’d get oled and spend more, but they will come down in a year or so now more brands are using the tech.

They seem to have been saying that every year for the last few years and they’re still £1500+.

LG make them.
Only LG made them.

Now LG let others use the panels. That’s just happened this year.

Give it a year…

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OP wanted max of 40" - do they go that small. I agree I love my 55" LG OLED

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