Tennis - at least it's marginally more interesting than golf

Just watching babos vs wozniacki, very good game but fuck me babos is making some strange noises.

It’s compulsory these days :rolling_eyes:

Fuck tennis.


I haven’t seen any yet but want to

Without wishing to jinx things, Murray is bossing Dustin Brown good and proper.

Tennis, cricket, darts and snooker, no thanks.

Ah, a Tiddlywinks man!

When I started playing rugby at school my grandad, when I told him, looked at me and said
" lad, rugby? You’re more built for tiddlywinks than rugby!"

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The first test starts tomorrow and we have the Lions match on Saturday.

Proper sport!

Like my musical taste, there are many diverse sports, all of which I enjoy. I prefer some to others, but all sport is lovely :blush:

As a former denizen of Adelaide I would presume you are disgusted by the thought of Rugby League or Nettie for Boys :scream:

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I like watching tennis :tennis:

I still haven’t seen any, but i’m looking forward to it :thumbsup:

Tennis is WANK, Wimbledon should be turned into a women’s beach volleyball tournament :sunglasses:


Djokovic looked unbeatable earlier - until I saw Federer! Such a high standard from those two

The Murray/Fognini game is pretty entertaining

Murray getting a touch frustrated… lol

He’s a right miserable cunt at the best of times.

foghorn is running rings round him and winding him up a treat.

Nice game for Murray. Didn’t see him winning that one.