Tennis - at least it's more interesting than golf (yes/no/maybe)


Just watching babos vs wozniacki, very good game but fuck me babos is making some strange noises.


It’s compulsory these days :rolling_eyes:


Fuck tennis.


I haven’t seen any yet but want to


Without wishing to jinx things, Murray is bossing Dustin Brown good and proper.


Tennis, cricket, darts and snooker, no thanks.


Ah, a Tiddlywinks man!


When I started playing rugby at school my grandad, when I told him, looked at me and said
" lad, rugby? You’re more built for tiddlywinks than rugby!"


The first test starts tomorrow and we have the Lions match on Saturday.

Proper sport!


Like my musical taste, there are many diverse sports, all of which I enjoy. I prefer some to others, but all sport is lovely :blush:


As a former denizen of Adelaide I would presume you are disgusted by the thought of Rugby League or Nettie for Boys :scream:


I like watching tennis :tennis:


I still haven’t seen any, but i’m looking forward to it :thumbsup:


Tennis is WANK, Wimbledon should be turned into a women’s beach volleyball tournament :sunglasses:


Djokovic looked unbeatable earlier - until I saw Federer! Such a high standard from those two


The Murray/Fognini game is pretty entertaining


Murray getting a touch frustrated… lol


He’s a right miserable cunt at the best of times.


foghorn is running rings round him and winding him up a treat.


Nice game for Murray. Didn’t see him winning that one.