Tentatively - Project Perspex 6 SB / TT RS UNI power supply

I have my eye very firmly on the SME 20 that is for sale on these very pages, but to genuinely justify it, I’d need to see this one go:

6 PerspeX SB – Pro-Ject Audio Systems (project-audio.com)

As per link, its a pretty thing, and in the land of turntables, definitely one of the better looking examples. Tonearm is the solid and reliable 9" Carbon Evolution arm.

It has original PSU, but I’m including the upgraded RS UNI TT power supply for it. This means no crappy wall warts in use, a nice solid IEC inlet, an umbilical to the deck itself and a small improvement in speed reliability.

Pro-Ject POWER BOX RS UNI TT | EliteAudioUK

Wow / Flutter specs are excellent and within factory ranges.

Only flaws are, a hairline crack inside the left lid hinge slot, its still structurally sound and doesn’t affect use. Also theres a tiny dent on the platter where I stupidly dropped it while servicing! Neither affect performance. It’s had a new belt, some new bearing grease and a general tidy up.

Pics to follow

Price, well its an £1800 deck with a £500 power supply, how does £1000 all in sound?

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Had one of these a while back - really excellent deck, only brand snobbery getting in the way, and a bargain at the asking.

NB: if you decide to split, I may be interested in the PSU.

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Sure, If someone wants the deck for £750 id sell the psu for £250


Good price!

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Kill this one off :slight_smile: sadly SME ain’t gonna happen