Terminal Investments

Five and a bit years to go for me, sooner if eldest daughter decides not to go to University. After my first cancer diagnosis I decided to pull the pin at 55. I plan on being magnificently decrepit, something which is inconsistent with working in general.


I feel sick at the thought of how many more years I have to waste working.

At 45 and with 20 years to go on my mortgage… I need a rich relative or a lottery win if I am going to retire before 65.

Could be worse!

I’m mortgage free in about 10 years, so I’ll be 57 or 58. I honestly don’t want to be working much past that. I’m not in line to inherit much, so that might be a bit of a pipe dream, but I live in hope… :pray:

Yep, 52 here, with first pension due at 55 but it isn’t enough, so will need to work until we downsize house or 67, whichever is sooner.

My Dad retired at 65 and dropped dead 2 months later. I intend to make the most of the next 20 years, as you never know…

I would downsize at 55 :slight_smile:

10 more years before I hatch my shoplifting extravaganza pension plan.


9 more months before genteel poverty beckons.

I am 76 this month and still working… well I am an actor so it’s kinda of part time but I did 8 hrs last Friday (7 hanging around) which enables me to buy more hi fi. Going down the Gym each day is not much fun but scoring my age in a round of golf is cool. :sunglasses:


I am 55 and I expect to retire between 59 to 61, Having paid off my mortgage twice and now I am doing it again (11 years to go on it, but my pension lump sum will clear it by then and still have a bit left for a car etc…), Divorce is a bastard for your finances in your 50’s.

Anyway work to do.

I must be the oldest full time worker on here - 62 and my nose is still firmly pressed against the grindstone :tired_face:

44, with 11 years to go on the mortgage. The thing is, with interest rates as they are, it’s not even worth paying off big chunks to get it down further. Currently on 2.14%.

I shall not be retiring. Regardless of any mortgage stuff, I shall work as long as I possibly can. I love what I do and the longer I do it the better I get. I can’t imagine giving it up.


96 like Prince Phillip?

Having had a few unexpected years off, with several more to come, gives you a different perspective. I think that most jobs are rather pointless and welcome the time that they are replaced by robots - very few people are employed in areas that are actually creative.

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That is one school of thought. I always prepaid my mortgage to the max possible and thought of the interest savings as returns (and ignored the obvious opportunity costs). Effectively you are getting 2.14% per annum after tax with no exposure to risks. To do this with an investment product in the current climate necessitates taking on loads of risk. The real difficulty is that paying the mortgage down early is really, really fucking dull (ditto making AVCs into the pension). The temptation to spunk the extra payments on holidays or toys or high yielding and risky investing is very strong. However, we now have no mortgage and I will have 2 full pensions (I Aussie and I UK) by the time I pack it in.

I likez da dull sometimes

Of course it comes down to personal circumstances and attitudes. 2% doesn’t get me excited though. I’d rather spend it on providing opportunities for the kids and family holidays.

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Who me? :laughing:

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I feel the same way about my research. It is the red tape and day-to-day bullshit that I like to think I won’t miss.

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