Teslamate - Tesla analytics

A bit of boredom tinkering that will appeal to @AmDismal, @edd9000 and nobody else, I installed Teslamate - an open source data collection application that pulls from the Tesla APIs and uses Grafana to display the results of all sorts of advanced stats.

I installed it in Docker on my QNAP NAS, but there is also a fun guide to installing it on a free Google Cloud micro VPS.

It can also be integrated with Octopus Agile to correctly price charging sessions with their demand-based pricing tariff.

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Just to be clear, this allows us to track people who are driving Teslas around, right ?



If you had access to someone’s Tesla account, you could get this data yes. But you would also have access to their credit card data too.

That’s so deliciously pointless, I love it!

>nerd alert< it’ll be tokenized. Useless for anyone but Tesla.

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You hope :laughing:

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Well yes. It was more a “I would be surprised if a payment processor that big wasn’t all tokenized up”.

But equally it could turn out to be a case of “oh that Access db”.

Liked, because after the first line I didn’t understand one single word of it. :man_shrugging:


Does this mean you have ordered one?

Got further than me, so respek

Once I’ve signed my new contract.

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Job contract?

Are gratz in order?

Yes. Akin to escape from Alcatraz.



Expect to receive a card where 40 people you don’t know have written “All the best” :+1:

Some of us don’t even get that. Had a card from a client saying thank you though.