The AA Bus Stop

Check this shit out! :heart_eyes:

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Leyland exported some Park Royal bodied Atlanteans to New York in the mid 'seventies.

This is one of them:


Nice, I remember that sound and that interior (different colour). That one has a General Motors Canada badge on the front

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For me, the bus that started it all. I’ve driven one albeit at Detling Showground…

I’m all for polo shirt and cargo trousers. A number of managers don’t wear ties and suits…


@MonitorGold10 thought you might like this Stu


That’s an interesting looking image; lools a lot like an AI picture; BMW didn’t make buses. Looks like an amalgam of a GM Fishbowl (scroll up) Mercedes Benz O303 with a hint of Duple for good measure! :sunglasses:

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Here’s a Leyland Royal Tiger with Ghia (yes that one) styled coachwork:


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Lalalalala not listening want that as a motorhome.

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Take away the Kuntzwagen badge and hideous radiator and that’s a thing of beauty.

Ghia didn’t do Leyland any favours there did they :thinking:

Doesn’t look good.

Not good. TfL have just spent a lot of money redesigning the bus station after a pedestrian was killed there a while ago

I’m there a lot.

It’s always very busy and I frequently end up wincing as some gumby with a phone or headphones or whatever just wanders out into the path of a moving bus.

Growing up in Adelaide, we had these…

Leyland Worldmaster…

Then in my teens, we had these…

AEC Swift….


Would happily buy one of these to turn into a camper…



Two versions of the 1945 Dyson Landliner…



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