The AA Bus Stop

Christ that takes me back! Yeah that’s it alright.

You know you really should write a book on this topic - you’re a walking encyclopedia!

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It would be the #1 cure for insomnia! :rofl:

The best research material is anything by Doug Jack- a proper writer and Engineer- his books; The Leyland Bus and Beyond Reality are very well written.

The British Commercial Vehicle Museum is another great place too; was brilliant to meet someone that actually built chassis and another who manufactured transmissions.

As an aside, when I was a nipper, the Leyland National wasn’t a pleasant ride; I remember my first journey in one with my Nan. I complained about poor visibility!

Sitting in the back wasn’t an option as that was the Smoking Area!

How times have changed! :rofl:

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I recall the windows being much higher up than in anything I’d been in before.

I also recall the drivers throwing them around the roads like they were Stirling Moss - which made for a very queasy ride! Awful things all told.

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That’ll be the highly advanced (for the time) Air Suspension with outboard mounted air bellows on the rear axle. Anti-roll bar on posh versions too!

That relatively small engine was rev happy. I need to drive one, actually…

Anyhoo; it would have gone like fuck compared to a heavy plodder with a massive and slow revving Gardner lump…

I’ve been told by those who drove the earliest versions that they were prone to understeer and would ‘skid’ easily.

The Phase Two had it’s Battery Compartment placed under the driver’s cab to aid weight distribution.

My experience in (the worst vehicle I’ve ever driven) a Scania Omnitown of understeer was extremely unsettling. Way too light on the front axle.

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@MonitorGold10 check these out.

Crystal Palace bus station is closed. I thought it might be for resurfacing but then they ushered two of the above in. Some kind of beauty parade / photo shoot for the new wheels maybe?

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23 and 73 plates.



Aha! The launch of these Irizar Milkfloats has been much delayed; I’ll be interested to see how they fare in service.

The 358 is a demanding and intensive route; almost 24 hours!

I am not a fan of the wheel covers; first use checks require a visual check of Wheel Fixings.

That’s why you often see ‘checklinks’ on Wheelnuts.

Apart from that, they look nice and Irizar is a reputable manufacturer. :sunglasses::+1:


As mentioned above. If these don’t align as pictured, then the Wheel Fixings are loose. A typical wheel and tyre for a large vehicle is said to be 250kg!

I’ve found a Road Test of a type of Milkfloat very similar (mechanically) to the ones I drive.

I agree with his comments about the Dashboard Layout…

@Gyroscope you’ve bought back some happy memories. Although I did not drive the 358, the first 12 metre long bus I drove was a Scania Omnicity. The exact one pictured.

It was very pleasant to drive to North Weald bus show in 2004.

It was a bit intimidating at first because that long rear overhang will fuck your day up if you take a sharp turn with something or someone beside you…

Structural Integrity didn’t seem so good; they creaked and rattled from new and developed a pronounced sag at the back…

Still, they introduced some nice new features; Electronic Brake System- one could hold one’s foot on the brakes and all four service brakes would engage and hold the bus. Nice in traffic jams!

The ergonomics were second to none and they were able to pass the ECE R66 rollover regulation test…


Scania Omnitown. Fucking shite. Rattly; hard suspension and shitty cab layout with pedals way too far back and angle iron steering column support brackets with sharp ends pointed exactly where the driver’s knees were…


Any idea what the new 322 fleet is? All electric, little more than a jumped-up minibus.

With the acceleration of an EV the drivers throw them around like dodgems :laughing:

Unquestionably a good thing, but judging by how many of those end up by the side of the road it’s not an entirely infallible system…

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I’m guessing approx 16/17 years back now. I was walking along Ashton Old Road along the flat bit topping t’ first rise. Heard & bit of a rending screech & clatter. A fairly knackered looking old coach had parted company with its nearside front wheel which wuz coming at me with some speed, actually bouncing along at first. I only just managed to get out of the way & considered myself very lucky that day as it wuz quite a sizeable lump, travelling at a good speed.


I had the same walking up the hill from St Pancras to Angel years ago.

Mini hit the kerb hard at speed and lost a wheel that decided to go all Barnes Wallis on me :laughing:


I didn’t know; I found out though. It is a Switch Mobility Metrocity EV!

Fucking ugly, isn’t it. Actually the ‘face’ reminds me of an Ardmann Animation character…

I’ve driven it’s close relative; the Optare Solo. Pitch and roll featured heavily…

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Haha, that’s the badger!

Obviously passengers get kicked around like corks in a hurricane.

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I fucking want this. Perfect for my route:

Oops. Should have said what this is. Here’s a test. The yellow framework must not be touched as that is the survival space.

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