The Amazing World of MP3 Players and Small People

Sam my 11 year old is doing school trips and things and for some reason taking his turntable and record collection is not allowed by the school…

So I think i’m going to get him an MP3 Player (or whatever they are called).

I know NOTHING about these, so I thought I’d copy CD’s on to the PC then on to the player thing…

I did a quick search and these ones came up.

Any thoughts?!



Not got a phone?

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Eleven, don’t get him anything. He should be pissing off his teachers and the coach driver :grinning:


I would give him my high tech Nokia, but phones get taken off them unfortunately…

Haha! Yes agree!

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I have a black 4th Gen iPod nano 8GB he can have if that would suit?

Like this


I think I have a clip for it, I might even have the original headphones as I never used them.

I am away at the moment but will be able to sort out later in the week.


That looks awesome :+1::star_struck:

Will PM you when I get home and check it out.

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Phones. Most kids have them and use them for Spotify etc.

Or load up a usb and leave him to work it out via some else’s kit.

Seems like generosity has solved your problem anyway.