"The Blonde" - TD124mk2, Hadcock GH228 & Shure VST-V

I felt like making something beautiful, so I made this, which is kinda beautiful.

TD124 mk2

  • motor spring suspension upgrade

  • cork sub platter damping upgrade

  • Red sorbathane mushroom suspension upgrade

  • Deralin feet

  • Custom Baltic Birch Ply Plinth & Armboard

  • Bearing Service

  • Blue Belt Upgrade

  • Platter mat upgraded to 5mm retaining the original 7inch integrated adapter

  • with 2x additional armboards (1x audio classique acrylic & 1x baltic birch ply both with sme3012 mounting)

Hadcock GH228 tonearm

  • required with Cardas wire

Shure VST Cartridge (very rare, new old stock I’ve been saving for something very special)

It sounds absolutely wonderful.

£3500 and its all yours. (Open to offers)

Alternatively if you fear that’s simply too cheap you could buy my ClearAudio Anniversary with SME3012 & Goldring Ethos for £5000, it really IS that good! - home demo within 1hr of SN1 (Nr deposit of £50)

I should add that trades/px are always considered and sorry but I don’t do credit (although you can pay by card)


Strangely the armboard looks like its a much darker finish in the pictures, its not, i think it must be some odd photograph issue/filter where the light’s reflected differently?

These two pictures show it slightly better, it looks better in the real

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