The courtesy car review thread


It’s the one of the least likely cars a joyrider would steal…


Troo dat.


… As we all know Mazdas are driven by pensioners to go to Aldi and back :rofl:


Or Ruislip and back :pensive:


I hired a Ford C-Max for a week in Germany. Notwithstanding the Hertz experience, the car was fine. It’s only 1l, petrol, and I don’t know if this was the more powerful one or not, but it was reasonably balanced - not that nippy, but able to get up to 180kph. It was fine on the motorways until some cunt in a Porsche comes twatting along at 250+ and there’s no gap to pull into.

The spec was decent - sat nav was good, various sensors etc and general modern widgets. Claire wants one, mainly to have separate heat controls. Daughter wants one because the rear windows could be opened with a single push.

I thought that it was ruthlessly efficient and terribly dull. Whereas @coco 's Porsche makes you want to drive that little bit faster all the time, this makes you not give a shit. There’s no real feel to driving it. It’s not flaccid or vague really, just not engaging. You can’t rev it for fun, it simply doesn’t respond. Even though the Nurburgring was only 15km away, I was never tempted.

There’s nothing bad about it at all, and nothing that interesting. I don’t know who would buy this kind of car, you’d have to see driving as rather a joyless experience. Given how our roads and laws are going, maybe it really is the car of the future.


That’ll be the 3 cylinder turbo. The same motor in Ann’s Fiesta makes it really nippy - it’s a gem :heart_eyes:


today the PHEV reported 16mpg. I didn’t do anything different to yesterday other that stick it on a ferry!

more I read about Taycan, more me want to try


Do the motor/battery hang out over the back wheels?


Had a Volvo V90 on hire in Cornwall. This was Europe Cars idea of an upgrade, but a car this size is completely inappropriate for narrow singe lane tracks.

Seat was comfy, controls mostly intuitive. Sound system was rubbish, Satnav was weird, was very laggy which made me take the wrong turning a few times.

The 360 degree parking cameras are way better on my car. Sound system was flat and tinny.

The interior aesthetic was pants…what is it with Volvo and the fake wood trims - hideous. The diesel engine was reasonably pokey, but lagged quite a bit it got worse in sports mode.

Overall i was disappointed given the number of people I know that have raved about the newer Volvos, in particular the interior.